Home and Away: Charlotte arrives in town as the new biology teacher, while Ricky comes up with the perfect memorial for Brax

17-21 August: Plus Kat spies photoshopped images of her taped up all over the beach

Monday 17 August


Denny comforts Ricky, who is still reeling from the loss of Brax, and she encourages her to think of a special memorial for him. Nate and Kat try their best to deal delicately with Billieʼs crush on Nate. Denny apologises to Ash for thinking too much about their relationship and kisses him. 

Tuesday 18 August

Denny and Ash are back together, but they talk about keeping things light and having a relationship with no commitments. Billieʼs crush on Nate continues to plague Kat, and her latest attempt to discredit their relationship threatens to undermine her promotion at work. Ash sidelines Phoebe and insists that she be honest about her feelings for him. 

Wednesday 19 August

Maddy and Oscar discuss taking their relationship to the next level. After Ash inadvertently locks himself and Phoebe in the storeroom, the pair open a bottle of wine and get to know each other. Marilyn is finding it difficult to say goodbye to Jett and comes up with a startling proposal. 

Thursday 20 August

Jett cannot believe what he is hearing when John and Marilyn tell them they are going to leave Summer Bay to move with him. Matt sleeps with a mysterious woman called Charlotte, but later finds out that she is not only the new teacher but also Zacʼs ex. Seanʼs wife Emma confronts Hannah over her affair with her husband. 


Friday 21 August

Jett talks John and Marilyn out of moving away with him. Andy finds out about Hannahʼs affair with Sean, and Josh storms out when he discovers that Evie was keeping the secret all along. Charlotte appears to be keeping something from Zac when she takes a mysterious phone call from someone who asks her questions about him.