EastEnders: Max accuses Abi of murder and Jay gets tagged – will anyone in Walford live happily ever after?

From Abi's attack on Stacey to Paul's affair-busting bombshell, there were shocks all round in E20 tonight


Happily Ever Afters are a rare find in Walford and if tonight’s episode of EastEnders was anything to go by that’s not changing any time soon for Max Branning, Pam Coker or Jay Brown.


Big daddy Branning kicked the evening off in dramatic style by accusing youngest daughter Abi of murdering Lucy Beale. He shared his theory with former flame turned crime-solving partner Stacey, who promptly set off to question the suspect.

Take note EE powers that be – this pair could yet put in a pitch for their own super sleuthing spin-off ala Kat and Alfie’s big ‘Oyrish’ adventure. Cagney and Stacey? Or Stacey and Maxpeace?

Needless to say, Abi didn’t take too kindly to Stacey’s suggestion that she confess her crime to the police. It didn’t take her long to tell her dad’s one-time mistress that if she’d killed anyone it would have been her.

“You’re the reason that my mum and dad split up”, she spat. “You’re the reason my brother died.” And, naturally, Stacey slapped her across the face, initiating a full-on cat fight that any Albert Square lady would be proud of.

The rather emotionless Abi ended up crying to her auntie Carol, who soon set off to visit her brother in prison. She seemed to have only choice words for Max, but can he convince her that there’s more to the tale than meets the eye?

Meanwhile, over in The Queen Vic, Les and Pam Coker were celebrating 100 years in the funeral business with grandson Paul in tow. It didn’t take long for Claudette to show up though, throwing a spanner in the works and sending Paul spiralling.

An emotional Les gave quite the speech about his lovely lady wife, but when Paul spotted him dancing with Claudette he decided he’d had enough and headed home, where Pam found him crying and accused him of planning to leave.

Poor Paul couldn’t lie to his nan any longer, and spilled the beans on Les and Claudette’s liaisons. Will Pam believe him though? That’s the question.

And finally, Jay Brown returned home from his date with Walford’s finest, with a suspended sentence and a tag on his ankle. He’ll have to wear his little accessory for three months or so, meaning any plans to follow Lola to Newcastle have been scuppered.

Jay’s not beyond reaching for a few tools down The Arches though. If Ben’s not there to stop him, could he chop it off and head up north to join Lola and Lexi?

Anything can happen down Albert Square, so your guess is as good as ours.

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