EastEnders: Max Branning’s been charged with murder but who does he think killed Lucy Beale?

The troubled Branning told Stacey he knows whodunnit in shocking cliffhanger scenes


He’s heading to court accused of a crime he didn’t commit but Max Branning – who was formally charged with the murder of Lucy Beale in tonight’s episode of EastEnders – says he knows who the real killer is.


Viewers were in for quite the thriller as Billy shopped Jay to the Old Bill in an attempt to keep Lola on Albert Square, but it was Max’s last-minute phone call that really got pulses racing.

EastEnders bosses had teased that Stacey Branning would be getting an all-important phone call this evening, and while many guessed that Max might well be the one on the other end of the line, nobody knew what he might be calling about.

“I ain’t got much time, but I need your ‘elp” he said, “I didn’t kill Lucy… but I know who did.”

It’s no surprise that he sought assistance from former lover Stacey, who spent much of tonight’s episode agonising over his fate: Abi’s already turned on him in spectacular fashion, counting herself as one of the Mitchell clan and even apologising to a guilt-ridden Ian for her father’s alleged actions.

Speaking of the Beales, how did ‘Adam’ fare amid the high drama?

Well, Ian had a hard time coping with Max’s court appearance, struggling to look him in the eye. And when he returned home to find Bobby unleashing virtual carnage, screaming “DIE” at his video game victims from the comfort of his sofa, he visibly struggled.

Doe-eyed Jane did her best to play the doting mum, but Bobby’s kid from The Omen act definitely seemed to leave her feeling quite unsettled.

It’s already been revealed that Jane’s certainty that Max is innocent will cause trouble for the Beales, but just how much does he know about the night Lucy died?

It wasn’t so long ago that fans were speculating that Max might have helped Jane to move Lucy’s body. And there’s always a chance that the blood found on his shoes wasn’t picked up when he and Abi scrubbed his office…

Could Max know the truth about Bobby? Or does he have his eye on another suspect?

Will he tell Carol about his theory when she comes to visit him? And what will he ask Stacey to do to help?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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