EastEnders: Can Jane keep Bobby’s secret when Carol starts asking questions?

The Beales find themselves under pressure as the investigation into Lucy's death continues

If there’s one thing we know about Jane Beale it’s that she’s Bobby’s girl through and through.


There’s nothing the modern day matriarch won’t do to protect her killer kid, but when Carol comes calling could her resolve finally break?

Both Max Branning and Ben Mitchell have faced questioning by the police about the night Lucy died and, as Max’s ordeal continues in scenes to be broadcast from August 3rd, Carol finds herself turning to the Beales for help.

It’s not like she’s getting much help closer to home, with Abi turning against her father and throwing her lot in with the Mitchell clan in an attempt to keep boyfriend Ben – whose doing the dirty on her with Paul Coker – out of prison.

As Carol asks Jane and Ian for extra shifts to help pay Max’s mounting legal bills, the Beales start to feel the pressure.

Jane seems far too certain that Max couldn’t have killed Lucy and when Carol asks her exactly what she knows about the night Lucy died, will her guilt get the better of her?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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