Val to fake her own death, reveals Emmerdale star Charlie Hardwick

"She comes up with a plan to make it look like she's died after falling off a ferry"

Outrageous Val Pollard will try to avoid a prison sentence by faking her own death. B&B owner Val is currently up on a fraud charge, but will find a radical solution to her predicament in scenes to be shown next week.


“Eric collapses and is taken to hospital, so Val realises that he might die as a result of all the tension. So she starts to wonder whether there’s another way out of this,” says actress Charlie Hardwick. “She comes up with a plan to make it look like she’s died after falling off a ferry. The body will never be found, Eric can cry some fake tears, say he’s going to live abroad and then join Val in Mexico. What can possibly go wrong?”

Well, quite a lot, as far as Eric’s concerned. After Val outlines her madcap scheme, he’s quick to raise objections. “Val’s writing her own eulogy when Eric points out that she’s crackers. He tells her that if she fakes her own death, then she won’t be able to tell anyone. She’ll have to cut off all links. Her reaction is to say ‘so what?’ but I think it gives her a bit of a fright.”

Not that Val is to be deterred. In fact, despite the audience probably viewing this as a comedy plotline, she is completely determined to see it through. “The story has got a lot of gallows humour,” admits Hardwick. “But Val is rock solid serious about it.”

Hardwick’s revelations about Val’s actions come following an interview the actress gave to Loose Women last week in which she admitted that she had already completed filming on the ITV soap. Of her final moments on the show, she said: “We were out in the village, so it was beautiful sunshine on that lovely set. Then when they shouted cut, the first AD said, ‘That was Charlie’s last scene’. Everybody started clapping and I was a bit overwhelmed.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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