New picture of David Attenborough and Barack Obama taking a stroll in the White House

Washington releases a new image of the two men ahead of tonight's BBC1 broadcast of the President's interview with the great naturalist

Tonight BBC1 and BBC America will simulcast two of the world’s greatest men discussing the future of the planet.


US President Barack Obama sat down with natural history broadcaster Sir David Attenborough to talk about climate change in a secret meeting which caused a stir when details were released at the end of last week.

“What are the prospects for this blue marble we live on?” Obama asked Attenborough, during their visit to the White House on the naturalist’s 89th birthday in May this year. 

“If we find ways of generating and storing power from renewable resources we will make the problem with oil and coal and other carbon disappear,” was Attenborough’s reply in the televised interview which his producer Anthony Geffen said may have made him slightly star-struck for the first time in his illustrious career.


“I have never seen David nervous before but he was slightly nervous,” said Geffen of the moment Attenborough waited in a White House ante room before the interview began. “I’ve been to lots of places with David and doing all sorts of stuff. It was funny to see him pushed out of his comfort zone.”

(Main picture: Official White House photo by Chuck Kennedy)

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