Can I Tell You A Secret? is a new Netflix documentary joining the streamer, telling the horrifying story of the UK's most prolific cyberstalker and the impact his crimes had on his victims.


The documentary, which is set to debut on Wednesday 21st February, features testimonies from some of the women who were targeted by Matthew Hardy and in an exclusive clip (above) shared with, the harrowing nature of his crimes are clear.

"I know how to hack your account, you know, and your closest family's accounts," a distorted voice can be heard saying in just one of the many messages sent to various women who were stalked online.

One of Hardy's victims, Abby, says: "They know everything. What I'm wearing, who I'm with, what I'm doing."

In 2022, Hardy was sentenced to nine years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of stalking with intent to cause alarm or distress, two counts of stalking without intent to cause alarm, and breaching a restraining order from 2013.

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Lia in master interview, filmed in London. She has tears falling down her face as she looks ahead
Lia in Can I Tell You A Secret? Netflix

Lia was another woman who had been targeted by Hardy, who had created several fake accounts and bombarded her with messages across three years.

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"I used to picture in my mind that they have a diagram," Lia says in the clip. "There was me in the middle and then they'd have my family and then they'd have everyone connected... My work friends, my social friends... because at this point I didn't know that there were other women out there that were affected by this."

It took more than a decade to put Hardy behind bars, with Cheshire constabulary alone being contacted about Hardy more than 100 times over 11 years.

Can I Tell You A Secret will be available to stream on Netflix on Wednesday 21st February. Looking for something else to watch? Check out more of our Documentaries coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to see what's on tonight.


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