Neighbours: Georgia leaves for Germany, while the father of Amber’s baby is revealed

8-12 June: Plus Naomi finishes with Brennan for good. And Tyler and Paige make a shocking discovery

Monday 8 June


After an attempt to drop off Joey Dimatoʼs money goes awry, Tyler and Paige find themselves trapped in a well. Naomi is furious to learn that Brennan sought dating advice from Paul and ends their relationship. Georgia secures her mother a place at a pioneering cancer research centre, but it is in Germany and her father worries about who will run the family farm in their absence. 

Tuesday 9 June

Tyler is disappointed when Paige admits that she still has feelings for Brennan. Georgia decides to take some leave from work to help her mum get to Germany for treatment. Nate strikes up the courage to talk to a guy at the Waterhole but the situation takes an aggressive turn and Sheila is none too impressed when she overhears Nateʼs object of affection making a homophobic slur. Tyler and Paige discover that there is money missing from the cash they have been holding. 

Wednesday 10 June

Paige and Tyler take a step closer to finding out who stole the missing cash. Sheilaʼs rant against the homophobic customer goes viral. Georgia convinces Kyle that staying at home to finish the Erinsborough Beautification Project is too good an opportunity to miss, and she leaves for Germany alone. Amber, Daniel and Josh gather in Karlʼs office to receive the results of the paternity test. 

Thursday 11 June

Josh is on cloud nine when it is revealed that he is the father of Amberʼs baby, but Amber and Daniel are left reeling. Naomi contacts Paulʼs estranged daughter Amy. After a tense meeting as respective grandparents, Terese tries to apologise to Lauren but is shocked when she mentions something Brad had not told her about. 

Friday 12 June


Terese gives Brad an ultimatum – if he keeps anything from her again, especially to do with Lauren, their marriage will be on the line. The hunt for the thief that stole Dimatoʼs money continues, but when Tyler begs for more time to pay up the answer is a resounding no, and Paige finds him battered and bruised. Daniel decides to sell the bar in order to support Amber and the baby financially.