Emmerdale: “Ashley’s dead!” announces Laurel in dramatic new summer trailer

The village vicar will be hit by a car driven by Victoria Sugden


Emmerdale looks set to be a summer of infidelity and tragedy, as this new trailer from the ITV soap highlights.


Key storylines in the mix include Ross and Debbie’s secret lust, Jai and Leyla’s secret lust, plus Robert and Aaron’s secret lust. Oh – and what looks to be the death of Ashley…

Yes, the village vicar will be left hooked up to a life-support machine after being hit by a car driven by Victoria Sugden. But the situation looks set to get even worse than that – after all, this new promo sees Laurel announcing to Ashley’s nearest and dearest that he’s died!

You can see the full trailer – including some blatant topless shots of Ross Barton doing some bare-knuckle fighting – below. (This trailer might not work on some mobile devices).


And beneath that, there’s an interview with actor Michael Parr in which he talks about training for those key fight scenes…