Hollyoaks spoilers: Maxine makes a shock suicide bid, while Nico leaves Sienna for dead

25-29 May: Plus Porsche panics when she finds out that Reenie is getting out of prison next week

Monday 25 May


Ste and Sinead bring baby Hay back to the flat and Sinead is worried for Ste when she finds out that he’s broken up with John Paul. Ste reassures her that he’s got everything he needs and Sinead loves her new family unit.

Nancy comforts a numb Maxine when Patrick collects his daughter after winning full custody. Darren reassures Joe that no one will find the gun, knowing Patrick could reveal the truth at any moment. Nancy returns from the shops and Maxine is missing. At the police station, Darren is alarmed when he overhears that a woman is about to jump from the church turret. Darren arrives to find Maxine poised at the top of the turret. Elsewhere, Theresa is struggling to accept that Patrick deserves custody of Minnie.

Zack, Holly, Cleo and Harry decide to have a ‘party in the park’ but when Zack goes to Price Slice to get some supplies, he spots his mum surrounded by boxes and photos and knows exactly what she’s up to. They argue and Simone slaps her son.

Tuesday 26 May

Kyle returns to school while he waits for his trial after attacking Ste. He shows Harry CCTV footage from the gay club and tells him to steal some exam papers unless he wants everyone to know he’s gay. Harry breaks into Patrick’s office to steal the papers and is almost caught by an irate Zack who has turned up to steal Patrick’s car keys after getting two week’s detention. The teens are unaware the gun is in the boot of Patrick’s car. Dylan steals one of Sienna’s silk tops from her bedroom. He wears it under his t-shirt and when Nico tries to put her hand up his top he pushes her away and runs off. Meanwhile, the teens are arguing in the car and when Zack hastily reverses, he hits Dylan.

Patrick tries to lift Minnie but he has no strength in his arms. He tells Theresa the MND has spread and she promises to help him keep Minnie for as long as possible.

Simone informs a shocked Lindsey that she’s bought her flat and will be moving in today.

Wednesday 27 May

Harry, Zack, Cleo, Holly and Jason all get out of the car and stare at unconscious Dylan, and Zack reveals the car is stolen. The others hide in the Roscoe’s garage with the car, while Jason lies to the police that he found Dylan unconscious. When Patrick hears the news, he panics that the police will find the gun in his boot. He suggests that he and Theresa go on holiday but Sienna is suspicious about why they’re so keen to escape.

Meanwhile, Kim looks after Dylan at hospital and is confused when she finds Sienna’s silky top underneath his clothes. Nico finds the camisole and thinks he’s been seeing someone else behind her back. Jason goes back to the garage and finishes cleaning up the car, he’s alarmed when he discovers the gun in the boot and calls Joe. Elsewhere, Harry rushes to get the stolen exam papers to Kyle but he’s too late – the CCTV footage has already been sent to Cleo.

Lindsey refuses to be thrown out of her home by Simone and Louis and makes their big move difficult. Freddie tells Lindsey he’s found somewhere else for them to live.

Thursday 28 May

It’s Jason’s first day as a PCSO and he’s immediately on edge when Sergeant Ben Bradley tells him they’ll be working on Dylan’s hit and run case. Ben is suspicious about Jason’s involvement in the hit and run and researches the teen. He’s concerned by what he finds and confronts Jason. Elsewhere, Zack confesses to his dad about the accident.

Nico is hell-bent on finding out who Dylan’s been seeing behind her back. Sienna spots her silky top in Nico’s bag and questions what she’s doing with it, Nico jumps to the conclusion that Dylan has a crush on her mother. Nico is furious at Sienna and when Sienna has an allergic reaction to a bee sting during a picnic, Nico leaves her for dead.

Harry is caught out when Cleo confronts him about being gay. 

Friday 29 May

Dr S’avage finds Sienna on The Dog jetty and calls for help. Dylan tells Nico that he likes to wear women’s clothes and realising she’s made a tragic mistake, rushes to be at her mum’s side but is it too late?

Porsche is alarmed when she finds out Reenie is getting out of prison next week. Lockie and Celine set up a jumble sale to make some quick cash, while Porsche agrees to do a drug run to Amsterdam for Trevor.

Cindy can see there’s tension in Holly and Jason’s relationship. When Jason comes to the flat to see his girlfriend, Cindy offers him a massage and tells him to take off his top… Cindy buys a pair of fluffy handcuffs from Celine and Lockie’s jumble sale and gives them to Jason. He meets Holly outside school and puts the cuffs on her before scooping her up into his arms, while Cindy watches wistfully.


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