Callum plots with Bethany to destroy David, reveals Coronation Street star Sean Ward

“Callum’s worked his magic on her and got her to the point where she doesn’t even realise how much she’s telling him"

David Platt’s access to Max will be jeopardised next week after Callum’s lawyer launches into a character assassination at a custody hearing.


With his criminal past dragged up in front of everyone, David loses his cool and plays into Callum’s hands. But how has Callum managed to get his hands on the information in the first place?

“He’s been manipulating Bethany,” reveals Sean Ward, who plays the no-good drug dealer. “Callum’s worked his magic on her and got her to the point where she doesn’t even realise how much she’s telling him. She’s told him about all the terrible stuff David has done in the past – the ecstacy in the teddy bear, trying to kill his brother and pushing his mum down the stairs.”

The result is that David panics and lets rip in front of the officials – but is he just making things worse for himself? “When David loses his temper during the character assassination, it really opens his eyes to the fact that he could be in danger of losing Max.

“But Callum will keep going and going until he breaks David. That’s just the kind of person he is – he’s ruthless, in that sense. And he hates David’s guts – he’s not bothered in the slightest that David might be at breaking point.”

At the climax to the hearing, the judge orders an investigation into Max’s living arrangements. And even though Callum is pleased by the outcome, Ward believes that the character still has a long way to go before he could offer stability for his son.

“He would probably have to sort his flat out – it’s not exactly child friendly,” says the actor.” He’d have to pull himself together and sort out his lifestyle – whether he would or not is another story. He’d need a stable home for Max.”

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