Tony’s betrayal will “devastate” Liz, says Coronation Street star Beverley Callard

"She really thinks she's met someone she can build a life with"


Beverley Callard has predicted that landlady Liz McDonald will be left crushed by revelations about Tony’s affair with Tracy. “She’d be devastated as she really thinks she’s met someone she can build a life with, but I also think she’d be very angry as well,” says the actress. “Liz isn’t a nasty person. She may be quite forthright and opinionated, but she’s not manipulative or deceitful. So Tony’s betrayal would really devastate her.”


Scenes to be broadcast next week will see events come to a head as Carla swoops in as a last-minute buyer for Liz’s share of the Rovers – a move that scuppers Tony’s plans to take over the Weatherfield pub under the guise of a company called Travis Ltd.

“At the last minute, Michelle tells them that Carla has offered to buy her share of the pub. Liz is delighted and for her it’s a no brainer,” continues Callard. “Why sell the pub to someone she doesn’t know when she can sell to Carla who’s a friend and will have Michelle’s best interests at heart. It’s not like Carla is ever going to want to stand behind the bar, so Liz knows there’ll always be a job there for her this way.”

With Tracy’s landlady dreams set to lie in tatters, Callard warns that revenge could well be on the agenda. “We all know that hell hath no fury like a Tracy Barlow scorned, so yes I’m sure she’d be out for revenge. But revenge on who I don’t know.

“There’s already a lot of bad feeling between Tracy and Carla, so I don’t think she’d be happy to know that Carla has come up smelling of roses again. As for Tony and Liz, I don’t know what Tracy’s true feelings for Tony are. Liz really loves Tony whereas I suspect Tracy has just been using him, so they could be in the firing line too.” 

Coronation Street announced last month that Toxic Tracy will try to get her own back on those she feels have crossed her during a dramatic week that sees Steve and Michelle’s wedding coinciding with a massive fire at Victoria Court. But will the inferno at Victoria Court be part of Tracy’s plan or will her vengeance take a different turn entirely?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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