Poldark could continue for five series according to Aidan Turner

The star of BBC1's hit period drama brushes off his hearthrob status and talks about the future of the show

Look, you know why you clicked on this article and I know why I chose that publicity shot. No one’s kidding anyone. Nevertheless, actor Aidan Turner is charmingly modest when it comes to the success of Poldark, which ends its first series tonight.


“Maybe people find there is a romanticism about the show which works,” he speculated to RadioTimes.com. “It’s hard to predict the trend sometimes: why people latch onto a show, why things become popular, why Downton took off. When we were making Poldark we were wondering if it was going to have an audience, but it seems we struck it lucky.”

Very lucky, if the millions of fans are anything to go by. Turner puts much of this down to chance and changing fashions: “There seems to be a sort of natural evolution of opinion and taste sometimes, it follows a particular direction,” he said. “About seven years ago I did a show called Being Human about a vampire. Vampires were in for a while, and I struck it lucky with that too.”

So vampires were trendy, now it’s Cornish tin miners. Makes sense. But surely his new heartthrob status had something to do with it?

“I don’t really keep my finger on that pulse. It goes hand in hand with popularity, really – people have latched on to it. It doesn’t really bother me, I don’t think about it. I don’t read up on reviews. I keep my head out of it completely.”

It seems like a good way of staying sane. What about the future of the show, which already has a second series in the offing? Turner agrees with screenwriter Debbie Horsfield that Poldark could be a fixture on our screens for years to come.

“It’s popular now, we are all behind it, but it is impossible to predict these things. If it does continue, the books are there,” he explained. “In the first series we covered the first two novels and there’s 12 in total. Winston [Graham] has given us the stories. I think it could maybe go on for four or five series.”

And what about in the distant future, in 30 years’ time when the BBC are inevitably re-remaking it? Would Turner follow after the original Poldark, Robin Ellis, and return in a different role?

“I think there was something lovely about what Robin did. He was super-popular as Ross Poldark in his day and to come back and play Reverend Halse so well is a testament to his acting ability. Really, really sweet fella.”

Great, but would Turner do the same, would he return?

“Return in 30 years to the show? “

Yes. 2045. Decide now.

“No clue at all.”


Fair enough.