EastEnders’ Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright take the Mr & Mrs challenge

How well do the Carters really know each other?


Danny Dyer on Kellie Bright

Round One

1. Where did you first meet Kellie?
Danny: I did Mr and Mrs with my own Missus, didn’t I? And it was an absolute disaster. So it’s a worry if I know more about Kellie than I do about Jo but here goes… It was on a Sunday on the set of EastEnders for the press photo. I brought my own missus and my little girl along, which I did for a reason. Kellie had probably heard plenty of s**t about me. There are a lot of stories out there about my nuttiness, which aren’t true. And I wanted her to see that I’m a family man. I think she respected that – I didn’t want her thinking of me as some wild, Jack Nicholson-type character


2. What’s Kellie’s most embarrassing moment since she’s been in EastEnders?
Danny: Well, she’s had a few, to be fair. It’s hard to narrow it down. But there was a moment in the early days when she was running after the Carters’ car and her chicken fillet dropped out and she just carried on with the scene. I remember thinking, ‘what a trouper’.

Kellie: I’d go with my chicken fillet moment. I have a little bit of help in the breast department to play Linda and there was a scene where one of my chicken fillets fell through my bra and landed in the road as I was running. I just had to pick it up and carry on going. Afterwards, I was crying with laughter.

3. What colour are Kellie’s eyes?
Danny: Oh, s**t. She’s so blind. I know she wears contacts. I think they’re blue. Dark blue.

Kellie: They’re blue.

4. What are Kellie’s favourite film, TV programme and song?
Danny: Favourite film: I’m going to say True Romance. Her favourite TV show is Sherlock. But favourite song is difficult. She’s quite old school. I’m going to say the one she danced to at her wedding, but I can’t remember what it was. Which is terrible because I was there.

Kellie: My favourite film is The Breakfast Club. One hundred per cent. My favourite TV show is Sherlock. My favourite song is the Ryan Adams version of Wonderwall, which I had played at my wedding.

5. What is Kellie’s perfect holiday destination?
Danny: This is a tricky one. Back in the day, she was a bit of a raver, so it would have been Ibiza. But she’s not like that now. She’s more cultured. So I’m going to say New York.

Kellie: Mine would be camping in Cornwall.

6. What’s Kellie’s most annoying habit?
Danny: There are so many, but that’s what I love about her. All those quirky little things. She annoys me when she talks about her knitting. Her and Luisa Bradshaw-White [who plays Tina Carter] – they’re always going on about their knitting. But that’s more of a hobby, I suppose. I tell you what it is – she’s always going to say something and then she’ll forget what it is. It’ll just go out of her head. She can do that to me eight or nine times a day.

Kellie: I’m a bit OCD on set – in fact we both are. We get a little bit upset if a coaster isn’t straight or a picture on the wall isn’t straight. If we’re having a dinner scene, then the knives and forks have to be level. 

7. What would Kellie pick as a superpower?
Danny: Probably to get her eyesight back. So, supersonic eyes.

Kellie: I would wish for supersonic speed, so I could finish my knitting quicker.

8. Who is Kellie’s ultimate celebrity crush?
Danny: She does quite like Benedict Cumberbatch…

Kellie: I know who he’ll say that I like: Benedict Cumberbatch. But that’s not actually my crush. I have a very soft spot for Dermot O’Leary.

9. What would Kellie choose for her final meal?
Danny: A roast. But, no, actually, she loves her cheese. She loves a bit of smelly, stinky blue cheese.

Kellie: Loads of blue cheese!

10. What’s Kellie’s shoe size?
Danny: She’s a four.

Kellie: I’m a four.

Round Two

1. Does Kellie shop in: Primark, Top Shop or Armani?
Tricky. She’s not tight, but she does like a bargain. But she’s not a Primark type. I’ll go TopShop.

Kellie: TopShop. Every time.

2. What’s Kellie’s favourite crisp flavor: Ready Salted, Cheese and Onion or Salt and Vinegar?
Danny: It’s Worcester Sauce.

Kellie: Mine is Salt and Vinegar.

3. Favourite soap: EastEnders, Corrie or The Archers?
Danny: Come on – that’s a no brainer. EastEnders.

Kellie: EastEnders.

4. Her ultimate TV detective: Morse, Sarah Lund or Cumberbatch’s Sherlock?
Danny: Obviously for her, it’s going to be Sherlock.

Kellie: Well, I did love The Killing. But let’s say Sherlock. He’ll say my favourite is Sherlock.

5. What would be Kellie’s most indulgent dessert: chocolate soufflé, apple crumble or cheeseboard?
Danny:  I know what she’d go for – cheeseboard.

Kellie: I’d go for apple crumble. But Danny will say that I’d pick the cheeseboard because he knows how much I love cheese.

6. Who’s her culinary inspiration: Mary Berry, Jamie Oliver or Michel Roux?
Danny: I think she’ll say Jamie Oliver.

Kellie: Jamie Oliver.

7. Kellie’s newspaper of choice: the Sun, the Guardian or the Mail?
Danny: Hers would be the Guardian.

Kellie: The Guardian, definitely.

8. Her perfect evening: takeaway on the sofa, drinks down the pub or a West End club?
Danny: Well, she does like a little booze now and again. But I think my Kellie is more of a home girl now. She likes plotting indoors and snuggling up on the sofa with her kid.

Kellie: On the sofa – with my knitting! I’m so rock and roll. 

9. What would be her pub tipple: pint, prosecco or pina colada?
Danny: Prosecco, all day long.

Kellie: Now, I’m none of those. I’d pick gin and tonic.

10. What’s her secret phobia: spiders, the dark, flying or something else?
Danny: I don’t think she’s scared of spiders. She’s quite a geezer bird, in that respect. And she’s never mentioned being scared of flying. I’ll go for the dark, since you’ve put it in there. But only because I can’t think of anything else.


Kellie: Again, none of those. I really don’t like heights. I don’t know if Danny will know that, but it’s the truth.

Danny’s Score: 9/15