Emmerdale spoilers: Ross wants Debbie more than anything, says Michael Parr

"He knows it's wrong, but he doesn't really care," adds the actor


Ross Barton is to declare his true feelings for Debbie Dingle next week after the pair get caught up in a potentially life-threatening scam.


Ross and Debbie will find themselves trapped in a hotel room together after getting on the wrong side of an unscrupulous gangster and his gang of thugs. And it’s here that Ross reveals his passion for Debbie, despite the fact that she’s currently dating his brother Pete.

“Ross knows it’s wrong, but he doesn’t really care,” says actor Michael Parr. “He just wants the girl. He wants that more than anything. Ross needs a female figure in his life and he’s looking for it in Debbie.”

Ross has had his fingers burned in the past when he got involved with Donna Windsor, but Parr believes that a relationship with Debbie could prove to be his salvation and put an end to his reckless behaviour.

“Ross has always been a loose cannon, but now he feels that he’s got nothing to lose. Losing Donna really confirmed that for him. The whole reason he’s doing this latest job is out of some sick love for Donna. He’s now just being completely wild and reckless.

“But Debbie has always been the one who gets him to talk about his feelings. And I think Ross sees Debbie as a commitment. If she commits to him, then he’ll feel he’s got something worth living for. But until that happens…”

The trouble is that Ross’s honesty leaves Debbie in a state of emotional turmoil, so much so that by Friday she ends up proposing to Pete. So how does Ross take the news of her engagement?

“Ross has it in his head that Debbie wants him,” Parr comments. “She’s just afraid because of her past experiences. He’s hurt by the engagement but he thinks that Debbie is just lying to herself. So he’s not too threatened because he believes that one day she’ll come good. But he wants her now. He wants her immediately.”

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