Neighbours spoilers: Bailey trashes Matt’s memorial, while Karl finds out that Paul has leukaemia

20-24 April: Plus Danni asks Toadie to represent her in court, Dimato pays Tyler a visit and Amber reveals some shocking news

Monday 20 April


Karl discovers that Paul is Georgiaʼs ʻPatient Xʼ after he rushes to his aid and learns of his chemotherapy treatment. After spotting Imogen and Daniel talking, Paige accuses her half-sister of taking up too much of Danielʼs time, telling her to leave him to concentrate on Amber. Daniel tries to comfort Bailey but he tells him to stop interfering and storms out to Mattʼs memorial, which he tears apart in a fit of rage. 

Tuesday 21 April

After seeking advice from Daniel, Imogen plucks up the courage to approach Amber and support her in her time of need. A furious Paige is not impressed that Imogen is still seeing Daniel and pushes her into the pool. Bailey helps his sisters clean up his dadʼs memorial but does not let on that he was the one responsible. Karl, Toadie, Lou and Nate form a ʻmen in lycraʼ cycling group. 

Wednesday 22 April

Frustrated by further delays to the decision about the research centre, Nick tells Paul that his condition is worsening, prompting him to put his affairs in order. Paige confesses to Josh that she has been unfairly taking out all of her anger on Imogen and Daniel. Toadie is torn when Danni asks him to represent her in court, and his precarious position is made even worse when she reveals that she does not think the accident was entirely her fault.

Thursday 23 April

Brad and Lauren are shocked when Danni claims that Matt and Brad were in the middle of the street arguing at the time of the accident. Brad is worried that the truth about their argument – and Mattʼs infidelity – will come out. When Nick turns up at Paulʼs to tell him that he has found a new drug trial that looks promising, Paul in turn confirms that the research centre will go ahead. Despite lying low since the police raid, Tyler cannot hide from Dimato. 

Friday 24 April


When Dimato reveals that he has bought the garage and is turning it into his new chop shop, Tyler desperately tries to think of a way to get out of town. When Amber is sick during a fitness work-out, Paige suspects that she is pregnant, but is not prepared for the shocking revelation that the baby might not be Danielʼs. Karl and Kyle conspire to drop Lou from the cycling club because he is slowing them down.