Coronation Street spoilers: Todd tries to wreck Eileen’s new romance, reveals Bruno Langley

"Without a doubt, his plan is to ruin Eileen's romance. He's managed to destroy Jason's relationship with Eva and he now sees a way that he can get revenge on his mum"

Scheming Todd Grimshaw will try to ruin his mum Eileen’s happiness when she falls for a man on an internet dating site.


Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Eileen (Sue Cleaver) enjoying the company of love match Adrian (Mark Moraghan). But Todd is soon spying the opportunity to pour cold water on events.

“Todd doesn’t like seeing other people happy as it makes him even more aware of how unhappy he is,” says actor Bruno Langley. “Without a doubt, his plan is to ruin Eileen’s romance. He’s managed to destroy Jason’s relationship with Eva and he now sees a way that he can get revenge on his mum. Until now, he hasn’t been sure what he can do, but this plays right into his hands.”

Upcoming scenes find Todd suggesting that Eileen should play the field a bit more following her date with Adrian. He then ups the ante by logging on to Eileen’s dating website and masquerading as potential love interest Jeff, telling her how he’d love to rub oil into her back. Unaware of Todd’s deception, Eileen sends a flirtatious reply…

“Todd knows that she is getting on well with Adrian and he thinks it’d be funny to try and stop her from getting in too deep by showing her an attractive alternative,” continues Langley. ” He sets up a profile of a rich man who has a lifestyle which is a world away from Eileen’s and a world away from Adrian. She can’t believe that someone like that would be interested in her. Todd’s pleased and highly amused – it’s all going better than he’d hoped.”

But the actor believes that Todd’s machinations could well result in him being ostracised by the rest of the Grimshaws, were his actions to be discovered.

“By hurting his mum in this way, Todd has definitely gone too far. I’m sure the public will think it’s terrible and I do too – Eileen deserves happiness and he is trying to take that away.

“If his family found out, I think it would take an awful lot for them to forgive him. I don’t know yet how or when it’s going to be revealed, but this could be the final straw for Todd with his family.”

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