Emmerdale spoilers: next week’s episodes in 60 seconds

2-6 March: Val's life is on the line, while Andy makes an unwelcome advance on Bernice


Val has a health crisis that lands her in hospital unconscious. Pollard keeps a bedside vigil, while Val’s son Paul returns, just as doctors tell the family to prepare themselves for the worst.


Accusations fly in the Woolpack after Alicia has an interview with the police. And as news of Thursday’s events begin to spread through the village, Alicia steals herself to tell Jacob – but how will he react? 

Doug finds a bottle of vodka stashed under the sink and Laurel tries to cover. But she’s on edge when Doug insists they have lunch together and an honest chat.

And Bernice sees the state Andy is in and invites him back to hers, where he tries to kiss her but is pushed away. Drunken Andy persists resulting in Bernice slapping him. He leaves embarrassed and glowering whilst Bernice is left feeling shaken…

Watch a 60-second rundown of all next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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