Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

2-6 February: Sophie's behaviour gives Nate reason to fear for his life, while Josh iscovers that Maddy has doubts about the babyʼs paternity

Monday 2 February


Scared of losing Jettʼs friendship, Marilyn tries to be his best friend. Oscar struggles with Maddyʼs revelation and prepares to drop out of school to support his new family. With Josh facing a similar dilemma, Maddy must decide whether or not to let him take responsibility for a baby that she knows is not his. 

Tuesday 3 February

Jett and Marilyn both struggle to adapt to their new roles as mother and son and sit down for a heart-to-heart. Denny explains to Oscar that he has a responsibility to Maddyʼs baby, whether or not he is the father. Chris secures his dream job on a cruise ship but is concerned that leaving Summer Bay will isolate Spencer. 

Wednesday 4 February

Spencer tells Chris to accept the job offer. Brax is furious when he discovers that his music has been sampled on Phoebeʼs new song. Nieve tells Phoebe that Kyle is only getting in her way and advises her to break up with him. Matt attempts to play peacemaker between VJ and Leah by arranging a house meeting. 

Thursday 5 February

Matt wonders whether there is more to life than being a pizza delivery boy and considers going to university. As Sophieʼs behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, Nate worries for his life. Kyle sells the rights to his song so that Phoebe can use it to launch her career. When Ash returns with news of the whereabouts of his sister, Billie, Brax offers to help him in his search, but Ricky is furious and gives him an ultimatum – help Ash or stand by his family. 

Friday 6 February


Andy offers to go on the search for Ashʼs sister in Braxʼs place, but Brax does not want to miss out on the adventure and insists on going. A volatile Sophie worries her friends with her increasingly unusual behaviour, culminating in her setting her caravan alight when she believes Nate is nearby. Maddy is furious with Oscar when he tells Josh that she is not sure which of them is the father of her baby.