Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

19-23 January: Amber discovers Imogen and Danielʼs secret, while Kyle learns the truth about Gary after Sheila is unexpectedly taken ill

Monday 19 January


Gary and Naomi both blame themselves when Sheila has a heart attack. Kyle is devastated when he finds out the dark truth about his dadʼs past and is forced to make a heart-breaking decision. Sonya is determined to help Erin get back on her feet, and despite some initial reservations, a reluctant Brennan decides to lend a hand. 

Tuesday 20 January

Kyleʼs decision to tell the police about Gary infuriates Naomi, but is met with surprising calm from his dad who finally seems ready to accept punishment for his past crimes. Sonya sets in motion a chain of events which will hopefully help Erin to find a job and regain custody of her daughter. Paul is incriminated in the attack on Ezra and faces jail time. 

Wednesday 21 January

Amber is incensed when she accidentally discovers Imogen and Danielʼs dirty little secret. Paul instigates a plan to put himself and Brad in the clear over Ezraʼs attack, but it is at Garyʼs expense and Terese will not stand for it. The familyʼs hopes for Garyʼs rehabilitation are ultimately dashed, however, when he turns up at the hospital with a pay-off from Paul. 

Thursday 22 January

Bailey and Amber are mistakenly sent letters relating to the Turner Family Trust, the entity that owns their home, informing them that it belongs to them and not their parents. As a result, a humiliated Matt decides to buy the house back. Chris returns to work at the garage but his injured hand is a huge liability and he is forced to admit that he will never work as a mechanic again. Josh confronts Imogen about her kiss with Daniel. 

Friday 23 January


Matt explains his reasons for wanting to buy the house from the kids and asks Lauren for her support. Terese offers Chris a trainee manager position at Lassiters, but he is sceptical of her motives, believing that it is a pity offer designed to stop him from suing Josh for damages. Brennan is suspicious of Naomi when she brings a vintage Rover into the garage for a quick sale.