Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

8-12 December: Ricky has her ultrasound, while Josh lies to the police about Andy's whereabouts at the time of Jake's death

Monday 8 December


Worried that Andy is a suspect in Jake’s murder, Josh secretly goes to the police station and gives him a false alibi. Oscar hints to Roo that she needs to ask Maddy about the credit card. Roo, at the end of her tether, will not hear Maddyʼs excuses. John and Marilyn formally adopt Jett, although Marilyn is still hesitant about taking Johnʼs surname. 

Tuesday 9 December

After learning that the investigation into Jake’s death is now over following Josh’s lie, Andy decides to move out. Ricky suggests to Brax that he could have Casey’s room, but that will mean clearing out his things. Maddy wants to make amends with both Oscar and Roo, but only makes matters worse when she kisses Oscar on an impulse. Upon hearing that the gym is being sold, she then panics and steals from the till.

Wednesday 10 December

Clearing out the last of Caseyʼs belongings, Brax finds the ring that he had planned to give Denny on their trip away. Despite this new blow, Denny later goes to Andy to say that she does not blame him for Caseyʼs death. Ricky and Brax, meanwhile, attend their first ultrasound scan. Nate, uneasy about the big step he is taking with Sophie, kisses Hannah. 

Thursday 11 December

Nate repents his actions and tells Hannah that he is committed to Sophie. Things become more strained between Leah and VJ when another student, Tyson, fakes an injury to make it look as if VJ attacked him and Leah does not believe her son. Matt has his first exam at school but bows to pressure from Gray, who is upset that Matt has spent no time with him. Despite promises from his father that his drinking is under control, the pair have a heavy night and Matt sleeps through most of the exam. 

Friday 12 December


Sasha helps Matt to draw up a study plan that will allow him to spend time with Gray, but Grayʼs response is that she is trying to change him. John and Marilyn have their first argument as a married couple. Spencerʼs new online love interest plans a visit. Tyson ambushes and kidnaps VJ on the way to school.