Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

1-5 December: Brad is unhappy to see Terese meet up with an old flame, while Sheila is suspicious of Gary's reluctance to go to the police

Monday 1 December


Garyʼs story about being a witness to a robbery and being forced to leave his family as a result turns out to be true, but Sheila still thinks that he is hiding something, especially when she discovers that he never went to the police. Lauren worries that Rain is having too much influence over Amber, particularly when she takes her through a guided meditation, which leaves Amber distressed. Imogen fights her feelings for Daniel. 

Tuesday 2 December

Terese complains to Paul about her efforts to reconcile with Brad coming to nothing, and in passing mentions the name of an old flame. Paul wastes no time in tracking him down. Daniel confronts his ex when he finds out that she lied about another boyfriend, but Rain expertly talks her way out of the situation. Dougʼs grandchildren help him to feel useful again. 

Wednesday 3 December

Tereseʼs former love interest, Ezra, comes to town for one of Paulʼs conferences and the pair end up going for a drink. Paige sees Brennan at the high tea which Toadie has organised for Sonya and asks him once more if there is any hope for them. Brennan has to let her down and her heart breaks all over again. 

Thursday 4 December

When Imogen refuses to attend the school formal, Doug plans a family formal for her instead but the tension between Brad and Terese threatens to ruin the evening. Nate becomes withdrawn, which worries both Susan and Chris. It later transpires that he has been out in the bush digging a hole in the dead of night. Gary makes an effort to bond with Kyle. 

Friday 5 December


Terese invites Ezra to her hotel room after an argument with Brad, but soon realises that she has made a mistake. Ezra has no intention of leaving, however. When Naomi returns from Hawaii, Georgia finds something in her suitcase which indicates that she could be the writer of the mystery letters. Susan follows Nate to find out where he is going at night and discovers the hole. She trips and falls in and Nate, oblivious to her presence, begins to refill it…