Jim Broadbent is a frantic Father Christmas in exclusive Get Santa clip

The 65-year-old actor will be playing Santa Claus himself in the British comedy, also starring Rafe Spall, Warwick Davis and Jodie Whittaker

Jim Broadbent has starred as Harry Potter’s Horace Slughorn, The Iron Lady’s Denis Thatcher and Bridget Jones’ loveable dad. He’s played princes, vikings, earls and dukes, cleaners, police inspectors and a teeny, tiny Borrower. But this Christmas, he’s set to take on arguably his most iconic role to date, as Santa Claus himself.


Broadbent stars in new British festive comedy Get Santa alongside Rafe Spall, Warwick Davis, Jodie Whittaker and newcomer Kit Conner about a Christmas that is going far from smoothly.

This exclusive clip sees nine-year-old Tom (Conner) venture into his dark, slightly creepy garden shed only to find Father Christmas himself having a nap after getting stranded in Britain.

“Shouldn’t you be in Lapland?” asks Tom, to which the magical man replies: “Sorting out toys, working out flight paths, feeding reindeer, loading, stowing, stacking, labelling, cladding, packing, ribboning, wrapping. And that’s before I even think about turning the Northern Lights on.” 

Watch the exclusive clip:


Get Santa will be in UK cinemas from 5th December