Emmerdale spoilers: Charity to be left for dead after being taken hostage – Emma Atkins interview

"Charity's thinking, ‘OK, this is it – game over. I’m going to die.’ She’s being completely terrorised," says the actress


Charity Macey is to be put in grave danger next week when she’s ostracised and made an outcast by the Dingles before being attacked and left for dead. 


Scenes to be shown next week will see Charity’s family turn against her after discovering the full extent of her deceit. But when she attempts to make an escape from the village, the conniving Charity will find herself knocked unconscious. After coming to, she discovers that she’s been chained to a shipping container and has no knowledge of her whereabouts.

Fearing that Declan has returned to finish her off, Charity calls out for help to no avail. But when her captor has a life-threatening accident of their own, it seems that Charity’s fate has been sealed. Could this be the end for her? Actress Emma Atkins tells us more…

So, what’s Charity’s state of mind since her stand-off with Declan at the cottage?
She’s assuming, for the moment, that she’s killed Declan. She’s feeling very isolated and lonely. And she’s in shock too. Plus she’s got to explain things to Noah – it’s become a bit of a joke, really, but just as he’s getting to know one dad, something awful happens! Basically, she’s spun this huge web of deceit, but has realised that she’s gone too far yet again.

How has the week at the cottage left her feeling?
She was always slightly frightened of Declan. She knew that he was quite a strong guy and he was always ruthless in business. But she didn’t think he had it in him to want to kill her. The shock that it wasn’t Megan out to get her and that it was actually her own husband has been an enormous blow to the system. She’d fallen in love with him, after all. And now everything’s fallen around her. It’s a nightmare.

Does she think Declan is dead?
It starts to become apparent, after a few visits from Megan, that he might not be dead at all. Charity had been secretly hoping that it was Declan’s body that was going to be found, rather than Robbie’s. Charity’s thinking, ‘He hasn’t been confirmed dead. He could still be at large’. Which is all quite terrifying for her. If he’s out there, he’s going to want to finish the job. So an element of paranoia starts to seep into Charity’s world. It’s dawning on her that she’s not as safe as she hoped.

Charity’s manipulation of Rachel becomes common knowledge – how do the Dingles react?
They all find out eventually and Charity learns of her fate pretty quickly. Too many people now think she’s been disloyal and fraudulent she’s been. As soon as the Dingles confront her, there’s an almighty row up at Home Farm. It’s Charity versus her own family, plus Jai gets involved too. And they’re all so angry that she blackmailed Rachel.  She’s completely and utterly ostracised from her family – they wash their hands of her. It doesn’t matter to them whether Declan is still at large – Charity is on her own. The village has practically disowned her and I think the viewers will be pleased that she gets her comeuppance after all her wrongdoings.

Tell us about this DVD she receives?
Charity still doesn’t know where Declan is, but suddenly this DVD presents itself. A solicitor turns up with it and when Charity sits down to watch it, she sees Declan saying that although he did a lot of bad things, the women behind everything and the worst perpetrator of all…is my wife Charity Macey. Obviously, Charity is sat there gobsmacked. Pretty soon, the solicitor is making it clear that her assets could be frozen and that Home Farm could be taken away from her. It’s looking likely that she’ll be destitute and down-and-out. And she decides to cut her losses and leave the village for a while.  She’s scared of taking Noah because of the possible danger he could be in, so Debbie looks after him.

And what happens when Charity tries to drive away from the village?
She takes money from the safe. Megan and Jai turn up demanding to know where Archie is, but Charity doesn’t have a clue. So many skeletons are coming out of the closet and Charity has had enough, so she’s temporarily running away. But fresh trouble comes when she finds herself driving down this dirt track. There’s a car facing the other way, with all the doors open and the hazard lights on. She’s thinking, ‘Why are you blocking the road? What is this new inconvenience in my way?’ But just as she gets out of the car to ask what’s going on, she gets a huge knock on the head and wakes up in a pitch-black space, not knowing where she is…

What was it like filming those scenes?
It was incredible. We filmed it over two or three days. It was hard work – more mentally than physically challenging.  Charity is locked in a shipping container, but she doesn’t have a clue where she is. She’s chained up by one ankle. Whoever has locked her in there has left her a bucket in which to relieve herself, but that’s it! This person is not messing around.

Does she think it’s Declan?
She’s terrified that it’s Declan. Thanks to what she went through at the cottage, she knows that he’s dead set on killing her. So she’s now thinking, ‘OK, this is it – game over. I’m going to die.’ She’s being completely terrorised.

Did you try to imagine yourself in Charity’s shoes when filming the scenes?
Yes, as much as I could. You really want to act it out with a sense of authenticity. Obviously, I know that I’m not really locked inside a shipping container! But you have to let your imagination take over. In between takes, the first assistant director would ask if I wanted to be unchained so I could go for a walk. But I said it would be more fitting if I stayed where I was. The more uncomfortable I felt when we went for a take the better.


She doesn’t know that her captor has had an accident, does she?
No, she doesn’t know that. Charity just thinks her time is up. She starts to lose all sense of normality – she starts to go a bit off the wall. There are viewers out there who will hope that she dies, but there may be others out there who’ll think it’s so unfair for Charity. You can’t have everyone loving your character, but you can’t have them all hating her either. Hopefully, there’ll be a real variety of opinion regarding her fate.