Emmerdale spoilers: will Priya leave Rakesh? Fiona Wade interview

"Priya is definitely scared. She realises that she doesn't really know Rakesh. She'd be marrying him and having the family and then hoping she'd fall in love with him"

Priya is to have 11th hour nerves next week as she prepares for her arranged marriage to Rakesh. Prior to the ceremony, the bride-to-be will be seen locking herself in the bathroom and refusing to come out. So will her plans to marry be thrown into jeopardy?


“Priya is definitely scared,” says actress Fiona Wade. “She realises that she doesn’t really know Rakesh. She’d be marrying him and having the family and then hoping she’d fall in love with him. It’s all about the chemistry – they haven’t even kissed, so she’s wondering whether that side of things will actually work. He’s a lovely guy and very caring – but is the passion there?”

In scenes to be shown on Tuesday 7 October, Priya will be left humiliated when Rakesh tries to talk to her through the locked door. She allows him in, but immediately gives in to her tears 

“He says he loves her and that panics her because, at that moment, she doesn’t love him back. It’s an awkward moment for Priya. She breaks down and tells Rakesh that she doesn’t love him yet and that she thought they would grow to love each other at the same time,” continues Wade. “The poor girl is completely numb at the moment. She’s running scared and very confused.”

What makes matters worse is the fact that Priya’s eating disorder has returned to haunt her just as she’s preparing to tie the knot: “I think every day is a constant battle, but obviously we can’t show that on screen every single day. When playing this character I always have to be mindful of that. She’ll always be aware of what she eats, but she’s got better because of her treatment.

“When Priya is happy, she can just about get through days, but when she’s unhappy like she is at the moment at times, it’s quite difficult.”

With the obstacles stacking up, it certainly seems that Priya and Rakesh’s wedding is going to be fraught with problems. Eventually, Rakesh suggests they call off the wedding, but Priya tries to convince herself they should go ahead and get married. They finally arrive at Home Farm, but will this be the wedding of Priya’s dreams? And should she even be getting married at all?


“It’s very difficult for me to say, because I know there are still things about Rakesh that have not unfolded. We still don’t know what they are or if they’re ever going to come to light but there is a history with Jai,” recalls Wade. “There are some skeletons in Rakesh’s closet, but the one thing Priya can be sure of is that Rakesh does genuinely love her and he wants to make it work.”