Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

8-12 September: the McQueens hatch a plan to free Theresa, but will evil Sonny stand in their way?


Monday 8 September


Nico is worried sick by Sienna’s disappearance, while Freddie demands that Lindsey takes a paternity test or he’ll tell Joe the truth. Rick saves the day for Jason but it comes at a price.  Grace gives Sonny an ultimatum. 

Tuesday 9 September

Freddie is shocked by the results of Lindsey’s paternity test.  Kathleen McQueen discovers a secret about Sonny which could help bring him down – but does Phoebe hold the key to exposing him?  Rick is worried when his debts catch up with him.  Will his family end up suffering for his mistakes?

Wednesday 10 September

Carmel is forced to face some hard evidence against Sonny.  Rick uncovers a family secret, while Freddie’s frustrations about Lindsey boil over and threaten to wreck the garage re-launch.

Thursday 11 September

Esther embarks on her new business venture but will a looming threat destroy her dream? Sonny plots to get rid of meddling Kathleen while Mercedes, Phoebe and Theresa hatch their own plan. Are Trevor and Grace’s dreams of a family about to come true?

Friday 12 September


Nana tries to stop her family plotting but headstrong Mercedes forges ahead with her daring plan.  The return of a familiar face comes just in the nick of time.  Carmel is forced to make a heart-breaking decision.