Emmerdale spoilers: Cain and Moira to get back together, says Jeff Hordley

"He stays because Moira tells him that he needs to forgive and forget," reveals the actor

Moira (Natalie J Robb) and Cain (Jeff Hordley) reach breaking point next week after she gets suspicious about her husband’s dealings with Charity (Emma Atkins).


Cain will be seen trapping Charity into giving him £20,000 to bail Moira out for Adam’s antics. But little does he realise that Moira has spied them together.

A showdown ensues in which Moira and Cain argue about the state of their marriage. Moira suggests that if Cain can’t forgive her about her history with James (Bill Ward), then he should pack his bags. So will Cain be able to forget about the past? Or is this actually the end for Cain and Moira? Actor Jeff Hordley reveals all…

So how has Cain been feeling since it came out that Moira once slept with James?
Well, Cain isn’t happy because he feels that Moira has cheated on him, so he’s really making her pay for it. He’s made life miserable for her. But he does still care because he helps by getting money for Adam via Charity. So there are obviously still feelings there.

Has Moira broken Cain’s heart?
I wouldn’t say she’s broken his heart, but she has broken his trust. He tells her that the reason he hadn’t got married before is because marriage means something to him. He didn’t get married in order to be lied to in such a big way.

Do you think they’re meant to be together?
Yes, I think they are. Zak says to Moira that Cain has never been like this with anyone else. She’s the first woman, possibly since Charity, who has captured his heart.

Does he have any conscience about targeting Charity to get cash?
No, because he thinks she’s got the money. And he knows about the secret abortion she had. So he thinks, ‘sod it!’ – he reckons she’ll help him out.

Is there still chemistry between them?
Yes, there’ll always be chemistry between Cain and Charity. I love working with Emma Atkins and the writers always make sure that there’s a little spark somewhere in the script. I don’t think it should ever really be over between them because it’s good to keep it bubbling away.

Does he realise that Moira is suspicious of him and Charity?
He’s not got a clue until she confronts him about it. She comes to the garage and sees them together. When Cain gets back to the house, he and Moira have an argument and Cain ends up saying that he’s going to pack his bags. But that’s also when he tells her how much being married means to him. In the end, he stays because Moira tells him that he needs to forgive and forget. Cain relents and everything seems to be back to normal…until the next hurdle!

What would you do if you were in Cain’s shoes?
I think he’s flown off the handle about all this and been a little bit over-sensitive. But, for Cain, marriage is such a big step and he’s put everything on the line for Moira. And then right at the beginning of their marriage, he finds out that she’s lied to him about sleeping with James and the fact that Adam is James’s son.


It isn’t the kind of start that he wanted for their marriage. He felt let down, disappointed and hurt. But I think he’s over-reacting because it happened years ago.