Emmerdale: Kerry commits bigamy as her secret husband shows up during wedding to Dan

The appearance of newcomer Kev put a stop to Kerry and Dan's reception during scenes just broadcast

Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) and Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) got married tonight against all the odds, only for the reception to be ruined by the arrival of her secret husband Kev (Christopher Connel).


Viewers had already seen the wedding plans thrown into jeopardy after Kerry was caught in the arms of Dan’s brother Daz (Mark Jordon). But Dan and Kerry did eventually make it up the aisle, where they exchanged rather unique vows: hers being the lyrics to Eternal Flame, his the words of the Macarena. 

But it was at the party back at the Woolpack where the drama really unfolded – and no, we’re not talking about Paddy’s comments about Kerry’s “tremendous breasts”. Just as the celebrations were getting underway, in walked Kev, a man who claimed to have married Kerry during a drunken trip to Las Vegas.

Kev then went on to explain that he’d spent years trying to track Kerry down and that he and his current girlfriend Edith were desperate to tie the knot. But he’d finally been able to trace Kerry to Emmerdale after a luckless Dan posted a video of his engagement on YouTube.

In true soap style, the wedding day descended into mud-slinging and fisticuffs, the result being that Kev, Daz and Kerry were carted off by the police. But one question remained unanswered by the end of tonight’s hour-long special: who will be the first to ask Kerry for a divorce – Kev or Dan?


Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV