How to stare seductively… according to The Musketeers cast

It really is all in the eyes...

You may think sword fighting is top of the agenda for the cast of BBC’s The Musketeers, but it looks like it may very well be staring.


“There’s definitely a lot of staring,” Santiago Cabrera (aka Aramis) admits, “I think it’s the archetype of the hero.”

The cast are back together doing their staring thing as filming for the second series of the show gets under way. The first series is also getting its first airing in America.

Of course, there’s different types of staring to get to grips with. The seductive stare is pretty important. Useful for attracting fair maidens.

“It really is all in the eyes,” says Tom Burke (aka Athos).

Not that they’re all so keen to give away their techniques.

Howard Charles (aka Porthos) scoffs, “It’s my little gold dust, I can’t just give it away for free. You got to pay for that.”

See it for yourself: