Kylie Minogue on a Voice return: “It’s an open book”

Singer can’t coach on the next series of the talent show due to a clash with her tour, but after that…

Kylie Minogue may be coming back to BBC’s singing talent show The Voice.


Not for the next series, we already know the spinning chairs will be devoid of one Miss Minogue because of clashes with her upcoming tour. 

But that doesn’t mean she can’t come back the next year now, does it?

“Well, I just can’t go back next season as I am on tour, but the season after that… it’s an open book, let’s see,” Minogue tells Alan Carr on tonight’s Chatty Man show.

Of the most recent series she admits, “I know that I’ll miss it. It was good to do something different and I loved it.

“When the next series comes around I’ll be watching like all of you guys.”

See Alan Carr: Chatty Man tonight at 10:00pm, Channel 4