Coronation Street spoilers: Lloyd has a heart attack – first look pictures

A Weatherfield charity run ends in high drama during an upcoming episode


Traditionally, the lack of sporting prowess among Weatherfield’s menfolk as provided a rich vein of humour. Think Stan Ogden in the wrestling ring or Dev Alahan on the golf course. But the upcoming charity run is to have potentially life-thretening repercussions in the coming weeks thanks to the antagonism between Streetcars cabbies Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles) and Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson).


In scenes to be shown on Monday 5 May, Lloyd hides his disappointment at girlfriend Andrea’s no-show at the race by continuing to goad Steve. During the run, Steve accidentally trips up Lloyd, who quickly grows furious when his rival crosses the finishing line before him. During a squabble with Steve, Lloyd collapses as daughter Jenna (Krissi Bohn) rushes his aid. Has Lloyd pushed himself too far?