X Factor 2014 rumour mill: Cheryl Cole wants new mixed acts format

The latest item on the returning judge's to do list is reportedly a format shake-up that would see each panellist mentoring an act from every category


Cheryl Cole is set to shake up The X Factor when she returns to the panel for the new series, with a revamped format that would see each judge mentoring one act from each of the traditional categories.


In previous series, the panellists have each landed one of either the boys, girls, groups or over-25s categories, but under the suggested new arrangement they would claim one act of every type.

Part of Simon Cowell’s strategy to tempt Cheryl back to The X Factor has apparently been to give her more input into the show. That has included the chance to choose one of their fellow judges and now, according to the Sun, could mean the proposed format change.

Discussing Simon’s attempts to woo her back to the show earlier this week, Cheryl told Daybreak (with tongue at least slightly in cheek) “There’s only so much begging one can take. It’s not nice to see a grown man cry so I finally succumbed.”

Simon revealed that as soon as he’d decided he was heading back to the X Factor UK, he knew he wanted Cheryl alongside him. “We had so much fun then and I think the way things have worked out, it feels like we’re starting again, coming back,” he said.

Nevertheless, any viewers concerned they’ll be missing out on the traditional clashes between the pair needn’t worry.

“If you work with somebody and you’re not comfortable to argue that’s a horrible way to work,” said Simon. “We’ve always argued but it’s being passionate about what you like and what you don’t like.”

ITV bosses are yet to comment on the new format rumour.