From Lindsay Lohan to June Whitfield: the stars who’ve played more than one character in TV and film

As June Whitfield takes on the roles of twins in Jonathan Creek, here are more actors who've played opposite themselves

What’s better than having one part in a TV show or film? Why having two parts of course. Yes, these actors are so good they used them twice…


Jonathan Creek

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that really is June Whitfield – twice. She plays twins in tonight’s episode of Jonathan Creek, giving fans of the Terry and June star a double treat (and presumably saving on the cast budget in the process). She’s far from the first actor to pull off this double act though. Here are just some of our highlights…

Knight Rider

Both Michael Knight and his evil moustachioed twin Garthe were played by David Hasselhoff in 1980s sci-fi action series Knight Rider. Playing split screen can’t have been too much of a stretch for the Hoff – after all, he did spend most of his time talking to a blinking car dashboard. A little more conversation with himself must have been welcome.

The Parent Trap

Of course, the scheming yet adorable twosome in The Parent Trap were both played by Lindsay Lohan. Her first ever role, Lohan reprised the 1961 original for a new audience, but this is a story older than Shakespeare. Even the servants fall in love!

The Scapegoat

Matthew Rhys played two characters in a dramatisation of Daphne Du Maurier’s 1957 novel. Rhys’s standout performances as both wealthy bounder Johnny Spence and his poor doppelganger John Standing show that even ITV dramas are not averse to digital multiplicity.

White Teeth

Twin sons Millat and Magid are just two pieces of the wonderful patchwork drama White Teeth, a 2002 Channel 4 series adapted from Zadie Smith’s novel. Christopher Simpson plays both Iqbal twins living in the cultural melting pot of Willesden, north London. Their father can only afford to send one of them to Bangladesh, but both their lives are transformed by the separation.


Nicolas Cage was nominated for an Oscar for this stunning dark comedy from director Spike Jonze and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman. Cage plays a version of Kaufman, a scriptwriter frustrated with adapting bestselling book The Orchard Thief. Mid-struggle, he finds out his twin brother has also taken up screenwriting. It’s devilishly self-referential, but Cage’s two great performances tug us along.

The Social Network

Arnie Hammer can’t take all the credit for playing the litigious Winklevoss twins in The Social Network. Actor Josh Pence performed the scene together with Hammer, then swapped roles and acted out the scene again. In the final cut, Hammer’s head is digitally grafted on to Pence’s body. Poor Pence therefore becomes the only person in the Facebook movie… without a face.

The Double

Already having seen double as Mark Zuckerberg opposite the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, Jesse Eisenberg is about to get a dual role of his own. He plays Simon in the upcoming adaptation of the novella by Dostoyevsky, directed by Richard Ayoade.