What the Hunger Games: Catching Fire is really about… according to the internet

Watch the Honest Trailer starring Jennifer Lawrence ("a totally average down-to-earth girl"), Josh Hutcherson ("J-Hutch") and Liam Hemsworth ("Baby Thor")...

The Hunger Games is the latest film to get an online makeover from those folks at Honest Trailers. According to them, the blockbuster sequel isn’t really about the girl on fire and her quest to bring down the Capitol’s oppressive governance. Oh, no. 


Instead, when we return to Panem – “where it’s taken 75 years for people to get a little bit upset about the child murdering competition’ – we see our hero Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence, “a totally average down-to-earth girl”) getting saved by boys, complaining, being anti-social and getting manipulated to the point where her actions have no effect on the plot at all. Yes, really. 

Co-starring Gale aka Baby Thor – “a total hunk” and Peeta (played by J-Hutch), “a total burden to everyone around him”, take a look at the “real” trailer below…