Netflix takes a swipe at Amazon with spoof video

The two online streaming services are in direct competition - and it looks like the race to innovate faster has turned sour...


It looks like the battle to dominate the online streaming service market has turned a little sour with Netflix’s release of a spoof video mocking Amazon’s latest innovation… 


Back in December, Amazon revealed long-term plans to one day deliver their goods via an unmanned aerial vehicle, with CEO Jeff Bezos showcasing a prototype of an Amazon delivery drone. An online marketing video was wheeled out with the bold intention of getting packages into customers’ hands within just 30 minutes of ordering: 

Three months on and Netflix have hit back – not with a more advanced, flashier look towards the future but with a spot of old-fashioned teasing. In the minute-long satire of Amazon’s ad, Netflix DVD Division Manager, Hank Breeggemann, introduces their fake service Drone 2 Home. 

Along with the promise to transport goods in “mere seconds”, Netflix states that “unlike other companies trying to rush unproven technology to market, we have literally spent days working out most of the bugs”.

And that’s not all. Ensuring customers that “the disc can come right to you, wherever you may be,” the online streaming service goes on to prove exactly what they mean with one unmanned drone chasing a woman into a wall before exploding and another delivering a package to the men’s toilets. Fighting talk. Netflix 1 – Amazon 0…