Three pictures of Mark Wright in drag

The Essex boy continues his quest to throw the party of a lifetime for his latest ITV2 show in this eye-catching get up...


Mark Wright is travelling the world with one mission: throw the best party ever. 


The Essex lad, known for his party antics in the UK, has to meet all different people, in all different circumstances and put on a party they won’t forget.

In a bid to stick to this Party Wright Around the World mantra, the first episode sees Mark don this rather glamorous outfit. 

Mark is in Miami, and it’s after he’s set the task of throwing a party for Joanna, that she reveals she loves a man in drag. 

He certainly goes the whole hog. 

Here’s one more close up. 

The boy has been taken out of Essex…. 

Party Wright Around the World, Wednesday 9:00pm, ITV2