What Jennifer Lawrence should do on her year off

From photobombing to binge-TV viewing here’s how JLaw could fill a year away from acting…


It looks like Jennifer Lawrence could be taking a year away from acting. “It’s been non-stop for her and she deserves a rest,” producer Harvey Weinstein told the Sun on Sunday.


Lawrence has certainly racked up the movies this year, with two more Hunger Games films, X-Men: Days of Future Past, a pop up part in Dumb and Dumber To and Serena to come by 2015.

But what could JLaw possibly do with a whole year off? Here’s some ideas…


A whole year off leaves a lot of time for photobomb action. Like the time Jen got Taylor Swift on the Golden Globes red carpet. But more. Much, much more.

TV binging

The end of Homeland was unexpectedly ruined for JLaw when a reporter told her what happened. Ouch, right? Well, now Jennifer can watch all the boxsets she wants. Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, perhaps even get ahead of the game and finish House of Cards before someone spoils that… the binge-viewing opportunities are endless.


Speech giving

Jen could, you know, grab a shampoo bottle, practice in the mirror. Try and make it through a whole speech without falling out of her shoes… 


Or, actually, given we have thirteen examples of this ‘fangirling‘, maybe Jen could just spend the year meeting famous people she loves. We’ll catch it all on camera and love every awkward minute of it. 


Dance while holding your Oscar…? Jennifer should do this. Every. Single. Day.


Jennifer says she’s always wanted to dress up as her Hunger Games character Katniss and go hiking. Now’s your chance Jen, now’s your chance.

Or Miss Lawrence can forget all of that and do what the rest of us do when we’ve got time off – hunker down under our duvets…