Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

17-21 February: John Paul sees a counsellor, while Lindsey hires a private investigator to find Joe

Monday 17 February


Despite knowing it will break his Sandy’s heart, will Jason confess what he saw to his mum? Will Fraser’s dark secret finally be exposed? Darren’s nervous to discover Oscar’s operation is booked in for tomorrow, but will Nancy agree to let it go ahead? Vincent’s faced with an amazing prospect away from the village, but what will he choose – George or the job? Freddie is furious when he thinks Lindsey has moved on, and Dodger searches high and low for clues that could lead Sienna to her missing daughter…

Tuesday 18 February

Nancy is devastated by Darren’s lack of consideration, but is there anything that can reunite the pair? Phoebe’s intrigued by her friend’s optimism, but will it really be plain sailing for George and Vincent? As the walls close in on Freddie and Sinead, will they be forced to admit the truth? Tegan’s embarrassed by her family’s conclusion, but is thankful when a friend offers a shoulder of support. Elsewhere, Fraser is forced to take action to safeguard Grace’s secret.

Wednesday 19 February

Freddie has no option but to hurt Lindsey, but in turn forces her to make a drastic decision. Sam empowers John Paul, but can he reason with Patrick in order to save his career? Leela can’t hide her crush on Darren so Tegan organises a date, but how will Nancy react when she finds out?

Thursday 20 February

When Finn gets himself into a life-threatening situation, will John Paul find the strength to rescue his attacker? Or will he let him die? When Freddie finds out about Lindsey’s devastating decision, who will he choose to comfort – Lindsey, or his wife? Meanwhile Dodger leaves Dennis feeling very red faced…

Friday 21 February


John Paul is faced with the dilemma of saving rapist Finn or letting him die. Dennis’s situation goes from bad to worse, but could there be an unexpected light at the end of the tunnel? How will Darren’s date with Leela go?  And Sinead is terrified for her daughter as she rushes baby Katy into hospital…but where is Freddie?