Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘feud’ in highlights

Actor Matt Damon is returning to the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight in his first appearance since that hijacking - and the frenemies are up to their old tricks

Actor Matt Damon is a guest star on tonight’s edition of US chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live.


He’s promoting his upcoming Second World War film The Monuments Men, directed and starring George Clooney.

Sounds normal, right? An actor promoting his film, a chat show host asking questions.

But these two are no normal pairing. They have ‘issues’.

Yes people, this is a Hollywood feud. It’s fake, obviously. But it’s hilarious. They’ve thrown themselves into this ‘frenemy’ relationship like it’s the part of a lifetime. And it’s been going on a while.

It started off slow, with Kimmel chip, chip, chipping away at Damon…

Then Damon went in hard, getting Kimmel’s then girlfriend Sarah Silverman involved (there’s a whole lot of beeping – after a longish intro)

Oh yeah, there was payback. A whole batch of stars including Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt joined in… (yes, there’s more beeping)

Kimmel got Damon ‘bumped’ from the Bourne Ultimatum

Damon plotted his revenge

It looked like Damon had nailed it – taking to Kimmel’s chair and interviewing his guests 


Yep, Damon was holding court. But then Kimmel pulled it out of the bag with a whole skit of himself interviewing for Matt Damon’s film roles