Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

3-7 February: Jacob kisses Sonya, while Karl is offered incriminating evidence against Paul

Monday 3 February


Jacob apologises for his impetuous kiss, but Sonya is left awkward and feeling that she should tell Toadie what happened. Marty offers Karl some information that could prove very damaging to Paul’s election campaign. Terese’s frustration with Paul grows when he announces that he is making the hotel independent. 

Tuesday 4 February

As election day dawns, the momentum seems to be with Karl, especially after Lassiter’s loses a major tender and Paul is filmed berating Terese in public, accusing her of deliberately sabotaging the business in order to establish a new job with a competitor. Terese finally takes matters into her own hands and quits. Kate’s heartache over Kyle increases after she discovers that he has lied to her. The result of the election comes as a surprise to everyone. 

Wednesday 5 February

Paul’s election victory celebrations are rudely interrupted by a furious Terese, who threatens him with legal action for defamation. He has little option but to agree to her demands. Imogen makes a new friend in Isaac Woods, a student who is squatting in the Kapoors’ house. Chris forces Kate and Kyle to confront their feelings for each other. 

Thursday 6 February

Jubilation is in the air as Josh successfully comes through his swimming trials, qualifying for the Commonwealth Games. He is interviewed by TV presenter and former Olympic star Nicola Livingstone (who guest stars as herself). Kyle finally asks Kate out for a date, an offer which she giddily accepts. Sonya wrestles with her conscience as she considers telling Toadie the truth over Jacob. 

Friday 7 February


Amber fears for the future after discovering that Josh will be away at a training camp in Spain for three months. Scared of losing him, she starts making plans to accompany him, only to be told that this is out of the question. After some food goes missing, Terese is concerned that Imogen seems to have relapsed into her bingeing habits, unaware of what is really going on. Toadie is devastated after Sonya tells all.