Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

3-7 February: Holly and Jason are put in danger, while John Paul attempts to claw back some control


Monday 3 February


Feeling under threat from Lindsey, Sinead is desperate to give Freddie the best birthday ever, but will it go to plan? With nerves increasing about the grand opening of The Hutch, things go from bad to worse for Tony, but can Ste save the day? 

Tuesday 4 February

Furious after yesterday’s revelation, Sinead gives Freddie a weighty ultimatum, but what will he decide? Tony’s eager to ensure his business is given the very best start, but will anyone scupper his plans? John Paul takes his frustration out on an old friend and Nancy prepares to write her first review for the paper.

Wednesday 5 February

Tony is backed into a corner with Diane, but how will she react? Trevor’s keen to put things right, however Fraser has other ideas… Meanwhile, Holly and Jason prepare for some alone time but put themselves in unthinkable danger, and a desperate John Paul makes a bad decision when faced with his attacker at parents’ evening.

Thursday 6 February

As the fire engulfs the Deli a frightened Holly and Jason are trapped – will anyone reach them in time?  John Paul has the day from hell, but who will he take his anger out on? Elsewhere, Tom is keen to impress Peri when babysitting at the McQueens.

Friday 7 February


It’s the grand opening of Tony’s new restaurant, but Ste’s deal with the devil casts a shadow over the celebrations. Cindy’s guilt over Browning increases as she begins to suspect someone else knows what they did. When John Paul admits to his outburst last night, how will Sam react?  Dennis makes a business proposition, while Ruby can’t help but be worried about Ziggy’s latest idea…