Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

20-24 January: Toadie leaves Callum high and dry, while Bailey puts himself in danger

Monday 20 January


Kate gets to the cottage to find Georgia unconscious in a room filled with gas and resuscitates her just as Kyle arrives. Despite Kate saving her life, however, Georgia later reiterates that their friendship is irretrievably broken. Lauren tells Lucy about being pregnant with Brad’s baby, saying that the child died during the birth. Toadie is shocked when he finds out that Jacob has dumped baby Elliott with Sonya.

Tuesday 21 January

Kate tries to keep her distance from Kyle but joins in the search for his dog, Bossy, when it goes missing. Bossy is later found pining outside Georgia’s bedroom. With no word from Jacob about when he will return, Sonya and Toadie have their hands full – so much so that they forget to pick Callum up from the airport. Lauren decides to look to the future.

Wednesday 22 January

Bailey and Callum break into Gem’s room looking for clues to her whereabouts. Finding her diary, Bailey reads an extract about himself and texts her. She replies and they arrange a meeting. Searching for Jacob, Toadie contacts his in-laws, which causes problems when he eventually turns up. Georgia is shocked when her car, which was stolen byGem, turns up in the hospital car park.

Thursday 23 January

As Gem is taken away by the authorities for psychological evaluation, Kate drops a bombshell by revealing that she is still in love with Kyle. Jacob’s growing gratitude to Sonya causes concern. Terese calls Paul’s bluff when she thinks that he is cooking up a dodgy deal, but Paul believes that he is holding the best hand. 

Friday 24 January


After Kate confirms her feelings for him, Georgia insists that Kyle has to make a choice. Terese is upset that Paul would go to such lengths to get rid of her, but his potential new business partners insist that she stays in her role, causing Paul to pull out of the deal. Jacob’s generosity at Nell’s birthday touches Sonya, but Toadie is still unhappy about his recent behaviour. Josie and Callum are finally reunited.