Fresh Meat season 4 – what will happen next?

Sam Bain - the co-creator of the Channel 4 comedy - is hoping for another series, but what is next for JP, Vod, Kingsley and co?


For those of us crossing our fingers (legs and toes) that Fresh Meat receives a fourth series, the latest comments from co-creator Sam Bain are certainly encouraging…


Speaking to about the future of his hit Channel 4 comedy, Bain made clear his intention of writing another instalment, even if the powers that be are yet to signal the go-ahead. “We haven’t got the green light yet,” he said, “but we’d like to do another series for sure because we love the show and we love the cast.”

The series – which stars Jack Whitehall, Zawe Ashton, Joe Thomas, Kimberley Nixon, Greg McHugh and Charlotte Ritchie as six co-habiting Manchester University students – has enjoyed two critically-acclaimed series and is currently in the middle of a third run on Channel 4. In light of his comments – and at the end of a thoroughly enjoyable third series – we put our thinking caps on and came up with a few scenarios we hope to see if it returns… 

Tonight’s episode ended on rather a forlorn note as Pussy Haven’s power couple Kingsley and Josie called it a day. Well, Josie adopted a rather feeble pasta-based metaphor to declare her intention to go to Thailand and “hump” people. It all seemed too good to last, didn’t it? Poor Kings looked heartbroken at being labelled boring penne but with the two now broken up, what will next series bring? 

While Josie’s off shagging her “Thai noodles” (or, more likely, the boys next door), Kingsley will be back home, soul patch still very much intact, listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to his heart’s content. No doubt scary Heather will make her attempts to claw her way back into his affections, but we reckon Kingsley will spend more and more time making ironic comments to Mumford and Sons with Sam – much to Josie’s (and JP’s) chagrin. 

Ah, JP. He certainly lost his mojo in what was meant to be Spear Year thanks to an unhealthy infatuation with Sam, which left him weeping into his pillow, lobbing knives at Kingsley and, lastly, obsessively scrubbing the neck of his guitar declaring “God, I’m horny”. Oh dear. Next season we expect to see Jack Whitehall’s posh toff back on form, taking his shockingly red trousers out on the town for more ill advised attempts at seducing the ladies of Manchester. Let’s just hope he and Josie don’t end up exploring the “powerpoint in his pants” again… 

Last time we saw Oregon she was drunkenly dozing with Vod after a regrettable decision to launch her political career as student union president. Fast-forward a term and she’ll be a shadow of her former self, with an increasing pile of paperwork and an addiction to ProPlus. With a non-existent budget, her ents manager Vod will be reduced to booking Kingsley to play at the union – cue more Drone Alone and Implodium Implodes… And with one failed marriage under her belt, Vod will spend her spare time being “educated” by the “hot dyke” she met in tonight’s series finale.

And from one pin up to another, Howard is now the bonafide stud of Team Hard On. Now he’s a master of romance – this is a man who carries candles in case of local authority mismanagement – Howard and Candice’s fledgling relationship will surely go from strength to strength. But will Candice’s taste rub off on him? We’ve already seen him bear his midriff in her feminist t-shirt – are we about to see Howard sport fishnet sleeves and goth eyeliner?

As the series drew to a rather melancholic conclusion, we found ourselves wondering what had happened to the residents of 28 Hartnell Avenue? Kingsley’s flirtation with Sam almost cost him his neck, Oregon and Vod spent much of the series feuding and JP destroyed Josie’s relationship. We’re hoping the house make love, not war, in series four… 

But as we jump forward another term, it begs the question: how much longer can the Fresh Meat cast pass off playing students? We put the question to Sam Bain… “With the magic of CGI, potentially for decades.”

Has he ever considered jumping ahead in time to give fans a look at what Vod et all are up to post-university? “That’s funny. No, we hadn’t thought about that but they’ll all be alright in different ways. JP will probably be working in his cousin’s estate agency in Knightsbridge in his red trousers. We should think about that…” Watch this space. 

Do you want a fourth series of Fresh Meat? What would you like to see happen? Post your thoughts in the comments box below…