Emmerdale spoilers: “It’s going to be Declan’s worst-ever Christmas,” says Jason Merrells

Declan gambles everything in next week's episodes but it's Megan who ends up paying the price


Megan Macey is to pay the price for Declan’s impetuous gamble in next week’s episodes when he once again unleashes his anger.


The confrontation comes after the siblings stage a Vegas night in a bid to woo investors. Business rival Gil is on the scene and doing his part to encourage Declan into taking the biggest gamble of his life.

As the roulette wheel turns, Declan sweats as he bets his entire property portfolio in exchange for Gil’s investment in the Maceys’ hotel plans. An aghast Megan rushes in to halt the bet – but is she doing the right thing?

“Gil pulls out of the bet and leaves Declan in absolute pieces,” says Jason Merrells. “He’s left with zero. There’s a really embarrassing scene and, later on, Megan comes to see Declan in his office and his anger erupts. He’s now in meltdown. He literally can’t cope.”

So where does the increasingly volatile Declan go from here? “It’s very difficult for him to see what’s next. As the age-old saying goes, he needs to speculate to accumulate. But he’s got nothing to speculate with and he has no room for manoeuvre. The only thing he can fall back on is his ability to make money from money. But he’s in debt. Serious debt.”

And with an uncontrolled temper and an unhealthy bank balance, it looks like Declan is set to face a bleak festive season.


“It’s going to be the worst Christmas he’s ever had,” Merrells admits. “My advice to him would be to stop focusing on money, start listening to the people around him and begin to build something of worth. He should be more kind, less volatile and less arrogant. But at the moment, I don’t think he beyond Christmas and into the new year.”