EastEnders spoilers: Kat crashes Alfie and Roxy’s wedding – Shane Richie interview plus trailer

Will Alfie say "I do" and tie the knot with his fiancee?


Kat (Jessie Wallace) is to make an unexpected appearance at ex-husband Alfie’s (Shane Richie) wedding to Roxy (Rita Simons) after sharing a stag-night snog with the groom.


On the morning of the nuptials, Kat will turn up at the Vic to talk to Alfie following his admission that he still has feelings for her. But a sobered-up Alfie is now seeing things in a fresh light:

“Kat is about to tell Alfie that she feels the same way, but he stops her and says, ‘about last night, it was the drink talking’,” says actor Shane Richie. “He’s now telling her that he didn’t mean what he said. And at that moment, Kat resigns herself to the fact that there is no future for her and Alfie. She confides in Bianca and says she isn’t going to the wedding.”

Kat’s next move is to book a flight to Ibiza, with the intention of flying out with son Tommy that afternoon. Bianca (Patsy Palmer) catches her friend on the way to the airport and convinces her to let her drive her there. But a surprise comes when Bianca decides instead to take Kat to the church where Kat and Alfie are getting married.

Kat arrives just in time, but will she stop Alfie from going through with it? Or will Roxy realise that her man is still in love with his ex-wife? “The viewers are kind of split at the moment in their allegiances,” comments Richie. “If you look on Twitter, you’ll find fans of Kat and Alfie and fans of Roxy and Alfie. And we’re going to play with that right up to the wedding itself!”


EastEnders airs Alfie and Roxy’s wedding day on Monday 25 November. See a trailer and more pics below: