Deal or No Deal’s Noel Edmonds “chuffed” to become a clubbing sensation

The voice of the Channel 4 presenter is sampled on Candice Cannes innuendo-laden techno anthem What's in Your Box?


“Club anthem” and “Noel Edmonds” probably aren’t phrases you would generally associate with one another – but that is about to change…


Candice Cannes – AKA club music whizz Mark Loverush – has brought the world of Ibiza partying and Deal or No Deal together in the holiest of unions.

Loverush’s techno tune samples some well known catchphrases form Channel 4’s favourite teatime quiz.

“You can ask me the question,” giggles a suggestive female voice.

“Are you ready for the question?” booms Noel.

“I hope it’s a big one,” she says, adding (in case we hadn’t seen where this was going): “What’s in your box?… It’s quite a big box.”

I think you get the message.

And the good news is that Noel is delighted with the whole thing.

His spokesman tells “He’s chuffed – he thinks it’s really funny that he’s become a hit in clubs.”

This is Edmonds’ first hit record since he teamed up with a certain Mr Blobby to get to the top of the charts in December 20 years ago. We smell Christmas Number One…