Coronation Street spoilers: Jack P Shepherd talks David’s fight with Peter and split from Kylie

As David's downward spiral continues, we find out what happens when Tina kicks him out onto the streets

Troubled David Platt is to find that splitting from Kylie and being disowned by his own family are only the start of his troubles. After David’s one remaining ally Tina (Michelle Keegan) loses patience with him after he blows her money on booze and drowns his sorrows in the Rovers, it looks like their brief time as flatmates is about to come to a sudden end. Here, actor Jack P Shepherd reveals all about the rocky road ahead for his troubled alter-ego:


So how has David been finding life at Tina’s?
David feels as though Tina is his last remaining friend – he doesn’t have anyone else to turn to. David doesn’t have any friends, really. At one point, David gets drunk and propositions Tina, noting that neither one of them have got anyone else, so they might as well get together – but it’s only the drink talking. At the end of the day, David knows that if he can’t have Kylie then he doesn’t want anyone else.

Do you think David’s been behaving himself since Tina took him in?
He’s taking advantage of the situation a little bit. David’s not tidying up after himself – he’s drinking a lot, he’s not looking after himself. He’s full of self-pity. The thing is, David really isn’t helping himself and this really annoys Tina. He could be going out looking for a job and getting himself sorted but he’s not.

Does he know that he’s not helping himself?

David’s too full of self-pity to care. He’s desperate to get Kylie back, but he’s drowning in his own self-involvement. Tina tells him to sort himself out and plays cruel to be kind. Tina tells him that if he wants to get Kylie back then he can’t keep sponging off her and staying on her sofa. He has to help himself.

But is David ready to get himself back on track?
He’s just desperate to see the kids, so I do think he is slowly coming to his senses. He’s starting to think that it’s going to be impossible to get Kylie back, but he’s pleading with her not to stop him from seeing the kids.

Is Max missing David?
Definitely. He tells David all the time when he sees him in the street, and he’s always asking Kylie where David is and why he can’t take him to school anymore. Kylie hasn’t been honest with Max, so he’s confused as to where David is.

Do you think anyone in the family is on his side?
Audrey – always Audrey! David does try to speak to his gran. He spends the night in the salon at one point so she is starting to soften. At first Audrey is dismissive of him, but slowly she starts to help him out a bit.

Would Evil David resurface in order to get Kylie back?
David’s being sincere at the minute, but you can only push him so far. I think eventually, if push came to shove, he would do what he needed to do to get to his children again.

Tell us what happens once Tina kicks him out. He gets into a fight with Peter, doesn’t he?
David’s goading Peter completely. David’s been drinking in the Rovers and is getting a bit out of control, especially with Tina. Peter’s watching and can see what’s going on – and with Peter having had experience of turning to drink he tries to appease David and have a quiet chat with him.

David’s obviously not having any of it, even though Peter’s just trying to help. David starts to get aggressive, certainly because he’s had too much to drink. He starts to push Peter’s buttons before he ends up hitting him right across the face.

Do you think Gail still cares for David?
She’s not having any of it, to be honest. She’s well and truly washed her hands of him. At the end of the day, David tried to kill Nick, who is the golden boy in Gail’s eyes. At this stage, I don’t think there’s any going back from that.


And will you be disappointed if Kylie and David don’t get back together?

It depends who they put me with instead [laughs]. It would be a shame if it was ended for good – they work well together. I don’t think it will be as straightforward as them just getting back together, though.