EastEnders spoilers: Michael and Alice conspire to kill Janine – new images released

Spoiler warning - a night of thrills and chills lies ahead as a wicked scheme reaches its climax


It’s Halloween and EastEnders is set for a Thriller of a night as Michael (Steve John Shepherd) and acolyte Alice (Jasmyn Banks) make plans to do away with Janine (Charlie Brooks).


In scenes to be shown this evening, macabre Michael will be seen convincing his besotted admirer that murder is the only way to resolve the impasse that has seen him banned from seeing his daughter Scarlett.

“Life is death, Alice. It has to end that way,” says Michael. “All we’re doing is moving it forward a little.”

The scheme sees Michael finalising a date with Janine for 8pm at the Queen Vic’s Halloween night. But at the designated time, he’s really arranged for Alice to be over at No 27 Albert Square, drugging Janine with a fatal dose of painkillers.

But when Alice calls Michael and summons him home, he’s greeted with the sight of Alice with blood-stained hands. Alice tells Michael that she believes she’s killed Janine, but when he hares round to No 27, he’s stunned to find Janine very much alive.


By the end of this week’s episodes, Janine and Michael’s final showdown will have taken place – with Alice caught in the middle. One person will die as a murder takes place and the lives of the other two individuals will change forever…