Are you a TV star lookalike?

Have a bit of Benedict Cumberbatch about you? A whiff of Jon Hamm? Perhaps you find yourself compared to Jenna Coleman? Or maybe it's someone a bit less glamorous... Either way, send us your pics!


Having searched the Radio Times offices high and low (ok, we didn’t look that far, we found this guy on the first floor) we’ve gone and got ourselves a TV lookalike in the form of Homeland’s CIA director Saul Berenson.


But we can’t be the only ones blessed with a sort of (not really at all) celebrity in the office. Do you look like someone off the telly or know someone who does? Then it’s time to whip out those cameras paparazzi style and send us your pictures. We’ll post our favourites up online.

Email your picture (along with the name of the star you look like, just in case we’re not sure) to