Life in the Freezer Cabinet: Ten cool things about working at Iceland

BBC2's behind-the-scenes documentary delved into a frozen world of fun


From Christmas chaos to the horsemeat scandal, BBC2’s behind-the-scenes Iceland documentary Life in the Freezer Cabinet looks past the £1 pizzas to show what Chief Executive Malcolm Walker and his staff get up to – and why they were voted the Sunday Times Best Big UK Company to Work for in 2012…


The boss has a car with the number plate ‘ICE’

Their company days look like this

Iceland runs incentives in which staff can win a share of £10,000

And CEO Malcolm Walker turns up in a helicopter to tell them they’ve won

They sell a deep pan doner kebab pizza

The staff love a good sing-along… as long as the lyrics are changed to mention Iceland

The PR team is quite amused by internet spoofs

And recover with strong messages from their PR consultant Keith Hann: “Iceland has gone to greater lengths than most to take artificial shit out of its food”

The cleaners dress up like this at Christmas

Some roles call for alcohol shot tasting at 11 o’clock on a Monday morning 

Iceland Foods: Life in the Freezer Cabinet continues on Monday at 9pm on BBC2